1 Shut-out Rust only by soaking the Knives
2 No daily rust-removal,edging,polishing required.
3 Ckeaning and Eradication on Bacillus Coli,Campylobacter.
4 Hard water Softener blended.
5 Tastteless,Odorless,No Hamful chemical such as Lead,Arsenic,Cadmium,Mercury included.
6 Simple to use,save money.
Name of Product Anticorrosive Cleaning Agent Rappla2-kun
Inner Package PE Plastic Can
size 88mm roundx12mm(H)
Net Weight 500g
Plice ¥2,450-/1pac
comment Exclusively for Professional Users of Kitchen Instruments (Japanese Cooking Knives and the case to hold them), and those who have an interest for them.

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