The best solution to prevent FOOD POISONING --- Sterile each time !!

The most important is STERILE from time to time to avoid Salmonella, Staphylococcal, O-157, Pathogenic Coli, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Campylobacter !!

  • Required to apply Sterile and/or Disinfection for major six Bacterium such as Salmonella, Staphylococcal, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, O-157 (Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli), Pathogenic Coli, Campylobacter.
  • Utmost caution needed to those causing foods of "Vegetable and its Processed Product"especially for O-157 (Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli) yearly causing death.
  • Most of currently available Disinfectants, and routine Heat Treatment after cooking as well, are not effective to kill Costridium Welchi and/or Bacillus Cereus inside as they immediately form bud flush highly endurable to such treatment to the cooked food. The illness, thus, has been called Food Service Disease where the most effective measure is "not cook a food for public supply in mass (Curry Rice, Stew and else) a day ahead to store (even with air-tight). The most important thought for such situation, if required, is to keep such cooked food separately in small quantity package to keep them in a Refrigerator.
  • In the most cases of FOOD POISONING caused by Norovirus, as reported, they are caused by "Aerial Infection" or "Droplet Infection". It is, thus, very rare to be infected through a drink. Hygiene control over those infected employee is, thus, most important in routine jobs.

Reported number of Food Poisning in 2012
Substance Responsible Times occured Patient count Number of Death
Total Number 1100 26699 11
Total of Bacteria 419 5964 8
Virus (Noro Virus/others) 432 18637 -
Chemical Substance 15 136 -
Natural Poison 97 267 3
Others 107 491 -
Unclear 30 1204 -

Times occured Patient count Number of Death
Belong Salmonella 40 670 -
Staphylococcal 44 854 -
Clostridium Botulinum 1 2 -
Bibrio Parahaemolyticus 9 124 -
O-157 (Enterohemorrhagic C. Coli) 16 392 8
Other Pathogenic Coli 5 219 -
Clostridium Welchi 26 1597 -
Bacillus Cereus 2 4 -
Yersinia enterocolitica 3 135 -
Campylobacter/Jejuni/Coli 266 1834 -
Nagu Vibrio 1 1 -
Other Bacteria 6 132 -

Required Sterilization v.s. How Rappla-kun works

  • Frequent Disinfection to items directly contact to Food Substance such as Kitchen Knife, Cutting Board, Cooking Bowl and so on is a MUST.
  • By immediate disinfection to those items after each time use shall prevent chain of those virus fromone food to any other.
  • The Rappla-kun, Corrosion preventive - Sterilization Chemical,fully works for sterilize Salmonella, Staphylococcal, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, O-157 (Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli), Parathogenic Coli and Campylobacter.
Required Sterilization v.s. How Rappla-kun works
  Rappla-kun Knife Case + Rappla-kun Chemical Larger Knife-case to dip full Knife Alcohol Spray Hot Water Sterilization Knife-case with Sterilamp Sterile Case
Sterile/Disinfect Effect ME ME ME ME CE ME
Sterile at Knife Handle-end and Back-blade ME ME CE ME NE CE
Sterile on Cooking Board or other Utensile CE ME CE ME NE CE
Continued Sterile during Cooking ME ME ME CE CE NE
Sterile when stored (Night/Idling time) ME ME NE NE ME ME
Convenience to use ME CE CE NE CE CE

ME--Most effective
NE--Non effecive
CE--Certain level of effective

Rappla-kun is an easy tool!

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