How to use

a Corrosion Control Cleaning Agent exclusively for Cooking Knives

A.For your general use at kitchen to keep knives always sanitized

  1. Take appropriate volume, as indicated below, into a container of cooking knives.
    • One measure cup-full (approx. 10 grams) of the chemical to 2 liter water
    • Lightly five measure-up-full of the chemical to the Larger Container attached (approx. 9.3 liters)
    • Lightly three measure-cup-full of the chemical to the Smaller Container attached (approx. 5.5 liters)
  2. After pouring the above volume of water, beat it to dissolve.
    • In a second, it shall be dissolved as the chemical is soluble.
  3. Get a lid on the container to insert knives. That’s it.
    • Replace the solution by 3-7 day frequency (to repeat the works 1 to 3 from time to time).
    • It is recommendable to replace the solution in shorter intervals while, unless the solution become dirty by food residue or anything else the solution shall not be rotten.
    • Pour appropriate volume of water, equivalent to what shall be lost by natural evaporation, daily to refill the content to keep the solution at a satisfied level of maximum effect.

B.For your daily application to keep knives sanitized

  1. Use only-a-half volume of the chemical per the above case A.
  2. Insert the knives directly into the container after use
    • no prior rinsing by water required except the case of excess dirt, or excess stuck. In such an extraordinary case, just wash it off in advance.
  3. Rinse the knife by water to re-use it after a certain hours of nonuse on the day.
  4. Set those knives into the container at closing of your daily work after you clean up inside of the container and refill the chemical, Rappla-kun, and suitable water volume to keep them overnight.

C.For your Cost-Management-first usage of the system

  1. Use only-approx. 80% volume of the chemical per the above case A.
  2. After each time you use the knives, clean them by rinsing and get rid of any stuck food residue before setting them into the container.
    • The solution inside of the container shall be kept effective unless affected by dirt or food residue being brought into the container.
  3. Replace the solution, the chemical with appropriate volume of water, once in two to three weeks.
    • Pour appropriate volume of water, equivalent to what shall be lost by natural evaporation, daily to refill the content to keep the solution at a satisfied level of maximum effect..

Notes and Instruction for use of "Rappla2-kun"

A.No effect on those rusted Cooking Knives

  1. The chemical, Rappla2-kun, protects those knives being kept inside of the container from rust. Non effect as a rust-removal

B.Not recommend able to use for knives of rusted,or not used for along time

  1. If applied to rusted ones, it changes them into Black, then run down to the tip to change whole color of the knives into Black. You must, thus, be careful.
  2. First remove such rust on the knives is a must in case you apply the chemical to those rusted ones.

C.Prior Test recommended on those rusted knives

  1. For this purpose, first dip those uncertain items into the chemical for 24 hours.
  2. They are actually rusted when any black-spot appear, or any brown or black lines shall be detected at the top of solution. Even in a case such rust can not be detected by eyes, it is actually rusted. First, remove such visible, as well as invisible, rust before the knives shall be applied to the chemical.

D.Don’t apply to the chemical with left-over food residue, such as piece of fish or meat debris, on the knife

  1. Keep the knives with food residue attached in the chemical for a long time, such portion shall become black, and such color change could be expanded whole surface of the knives.
  2. In case you may keep the knives in the chemical for a long time, such food reside should be cleanly rinsed before hand.

E.Steep the knives to beend of bladearea into the chemical.

  1. If the blade is not fully dipped into the chemical, such area may change to black color
  2. Be careful, in case of longer time use, for water level drop by natural evaporating. Refill the water to keep the knives kept fully dipped up to the handle area.
  3. A knife-handle, being specially prepared by a skin of buffalo, shall be melt down in long time use. Recommend to replace the handle periodically.
  4. Pay attention to an area of the blade, being left protruded from the chemical, become rust. In such a case, the section shall be treated carefully from time to time.

F.Do’s and Don’ts on "Rappla2-kun" as an Alkaline

  1. Irritation on Mucousa may be caused by longer time contact of the chemical to human skin
    Recommended emergency measure
    • In case get the chemical into eye(s) : Immediately bathe the eye(s) by enormous water
    • In case get the chemical adhere o human skin: Immediately rinse off by enormous water
    • In case swallow down by erro: Try to exhale it out first, then let a person drink water as much as possible.
    • In either case per above, if any serious case remain, bring the person to a specialized doctor soonest.
  2. Keep the chemical away from human beings not to directly touch to human skin. After use the chemical, rinse it fully off by water.
  3. Dispose the chemical by diluting by water, or after neutralize it by acid.
  4. Store the chemical with tightly closed lid at any place avoiding high temperature and humid area.

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