Possible to Hygiene-control on Cooking Knife and Cooking Board ?

Hygiene Control A
Standard Rappla-kun Container
Stainless Steel or
Plastic Container
Wooden Container
Container with Sterilamp
Sterile Container
Possible to remove and wash ? ME CE CE NE NE
Possible to sterilize and disinfect ? ME NE NE ME ME
High Sterile effect for each time use ? ME NE NE CE NE
Possible to prevent Bacterial Infection ME NE NE CE NE

ME--Most effective
NE--Non effecive
CE--Certain level of effective

Convenient to use          
Price level ? CE ME ME NE NE
Easy to use during Cooking ? ME ME ME ME NE
Diversified location to install ? (selection of wall hanging, hang to sink, put-on types) ME NE NE NE NE
Variation of available fixing metal ? ME CE NE NE NE
Color variation is enough to suit with your shop/location ? ME NE CE NE NE
How many knives can be stored /Protection for Blade Edge enough ? ME ME NE ME ME
Satisfactory Hygiene Control during the time when the knives stored Hygiene Control and Disinfect effec          
during the night/off work time ? ME NE NE ME ME
Disinfect and/or Rust at Cooking Knife Handle or backside of Blade ? ME NE NE NE NE
Preventive effect of Rust on the Cooking Knife Possible to prevent Rust on the Cooking Knife ? ME NE NE CE CE

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